Green Day: Rock am Ring Live 2013

Watch Green Day performing 'American Idiot', 'Oh Love', 'Stray Heart' and more live at the Nürburgring racetrack, Germany for Rock am Ring festival.

The Diamond Ring 1992

Gandharva Kumar's arrival disrupts the festival mood of Durga Puja at Ratanlal Babu's house. He captivates the grandchildren of Ratanlal Babu, Habul, and Tinni, with his magical tricks. Now Gandharva Kumar reveals a long-forgotten secret wherein he claims to be heir to the family property to Ratanlal Babu. This creates shock in the entire family and casts a gloom, following dramatic incidents. It reveals that Gandharva Kumar is fake. The magic trick not works for Gandharva Kumar in the climax.

Ring Of Power - The empire of "THE CITY" 2006

City of London + City of Vatican + City of columbia are the 3 independant states within states wich composes the empire of the city. The first is financial control over earth economy, the second is religion control over the earth and the third one is military control over the earth. Together they make the very unholy trinity which forms the egyptian pyramid that we can see on the back of the privately owned federal reserve note that is used as american dollar to maintain the colony in debt and under the Queen. Many people realize that this mystifying situation, in which an alleged democratic and self-governing nation is actually controlled against the will of the people, is a clear indication that there must be a very powerful and well-financed occult organization which plans and directs world affairs, and for lack of a more specific identification thie suspected secret organization is popularly referred to as the International Financiers, Banksters cartel or "The Crown corporation"

The Ring Road 2010

In a country where corruption has reached epidemic levels, an investigative journalist tries to reveal the corruption of a medical mogul whose corruption caused the death of dozens without blame. Essam has a daughter who has kidney failure and has been affected by the filters made by this mogul's factory. On another front, Essam is in a stale marriage caused by the daughter's sickness and finds himself lured by an attractive seductress. Things become more complicated when the daughter's sickness becomes fatal and he can't cover the expenses of the transplant. Essam is faced with a deep moral question.should he become corrupt himself in order to save his daughter's life? and how can he save his marriage and reputation along the way?

The Winsome Widow 1973

After the death of the Savior for a rich husband, car accident, the beautiful wife Catherine is preparing to collect the enormous legacy but because the deceased has not made a will and when he was alive was sterile, his wife’s legacy will benefit only if, within three hundred days established by law, will give birth to a son.

Welding the Big Ring 1904

A group of men weld one area of a large ring in a fire. They lift the ring, which is hanging horizontally on chains, out of the fire. Four men hammer the hot area on the ring into shape while the remaining men hold the ring. They put the ring into the fire again, take it out, and take it over to a machine which continuously hammers down on that area of the ring. The men then take it away from the machine and hammer it themselves into shape. The ring is presumably a piece of a generator.

Sabu and the Magic Ring 1957

Young Sabu is a happy stable boy in the kingdom of Samukan, in charge of taking care of the Caliph's elephant. Searching for a lost diamond, he finds instead a mysterious ring which, unbeknownst to Sabu, conjures up a genie when he rubs it.

Tenacious D: Rock am Ring 2012

00:00 Rize of the Fenix 06:00 Low Hangin' Fruit 09:25 Senorita 13:00 Deth Starr 17:30 Roadie 21:30 Throw Down 25:00 Saxaboom 26:40 Kielbasa 30:10 Kickapoo 34:40 The Metal 38:35 Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) 44:50 The Who Medley 47:55 Fuck Her Gently 50:30 Tribute 56:00 Double Team

WWE King of the Ring 1997 1997

King of the Ring (1997) was the fifth annual King of the Ring. It was presented by Super Soaker and took place on June 8, 1997 at the Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The main event was a standard wrestling match for the WWF Championship. The Undertaker fought Faarooq for the title. The undercard featured the 1997 King of the Ring tournament.

Le Ring 1896

A fixed camera gets images of traffic and passers-by in Vienna's chic thoroughfare, popularly known as Ringstrasse (The Ring), at a junction with another large street.

Razor's Ring 2008

In the wake of last week’s Backwoods Bloodbath (review here) release, MVM offer up another similarly abysmal slice of no-budget drudgery in the form of Razor’s Ring. Here the story follows protagonist Scott (Casey), a businessman out for his morning run when he comes across ruthless ex-con couple Razor and Julie (Schilens and Wharton). After witnessing them callously run over a dog on the road, Scott has a gun pulled in his face and is forced to join them on their Death Race 20000-inspired joy ride as the pair attempt to gain a better “score” than their partner.

The Brass Ring 1983

A mother afflicted with depression comes into conflict with own mother and children when she refuses to seek professional health care.

The Quest 2017

'The Quest [Ringan]' is a story about the boundless love between father and son. Their life is hell on earth. Father Arjun's problems are getting too much for him: His land is affected by drought, their livelihood is threatened. Seeing no way out, he considers to take his own life. Only the unconditional love for his son motivates him to not give up and look for work, to be able to keep his land. Will the father be strong enough to secure his son's future? A film and an appeal for morality, reflecting important issues such as integrity, honesty, and mutual responsibility in times of need.

Dead Ring

Afraid of the outside world, Emily (Savanah McMahon) seeks an unorthodox therapist that tells her of a spell that will rid her of her phobia by summoning a Dead Ring.

Wilbur: The King in the Ring 2017

Wilbur: The King in the Ring is a comedic documentary, which wrestles with the worldwide obesity plight. Wilbur McDougall, a former pro-wrestler, agrees to let his best friend J. Ollie Lucks make a documentary about his gastric sleeve surgery and subsequent transformation. But in order to stay literally half the man he was, Wilbur will be forced to maintain a healthier lifestyle while Ollie’s altruistic intentions verge on exploitative.

Five Dollars for Ringo 1966

Sheriff Lester Sands travels to Lindsborg in the hope of finding a gang of outlaws operating in the region. He suspects that they hide there because recently they raided the bank of a neighboring village. And during the robbery, the director was wounded. His daughter Miriam, accompanied by five bank guards has followed the trail of the assailants there. With this event and the attitude of the village mayor, the sheriff and his suspicions are confirmed and he expects that sooner or later he will face these gunmen.

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