The Island 2009

Trevor considers, with the help of animation, a piece of fan mail he received.

Black Island 1979

Joe and Michael, 13-year-old Brits, become separated from their class outing, stranded on a small island, and captured by armed men.

Shadow Island 2015

Shot in Busan, Shadow Island is the name of a location as well as the main character’s name. The film explains the legacy of violence passed down through three generations. The lives of a murderous father, a son addicted to violence, and the victims of violence intertwine into a surprising finale. As the film shifts through the past and present, it reveals a painful family history that eats away the soul and leads to a burdened fate of self-destruction.

The Island 2014

A group of people gather for a family reunion in a house on an isolated island. They are waiting for the last person to join them, but as the evening arrives and he doesn’t arrive, a strange anxiety overwhelms them. The group dismantles and the family members wander away from the house separately, confronting the sea and an unspoken fear that slowly consumes them.

Forgotten Island 2012

A group of professional Test Pilots explore the remote and rarely visited Island of Socotra off the coast of Yemen in the heart of the Middle East. Join them as they thermal up to 1000m over the Indian Ocean, battle 40km winds, and fly from the longest caves in the orient. A 37 minute documentary including spectacular aerial footage from one of the few remaining flying secrets left on earth.

Island City 2015

Winner of FEDORA award for the Best Debut Director, Venice Film Festival 2015, Island City is a collection of three comic-dramatic stories set in Mumbai, India. The first is about a diligent office worker who wins the office ‘Fun Committee Award’, which entitles him to a whole day full of fun, the second about a domineering head-of-the-family, Anil, who is on life support and the third one centers on Aarti whose repetitive existence is slowly making her more and more mechanical and numb. More info:

Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue 2010

The engines are hard at work to build the new Sodor Search and Rescue Center. When Thomas helps a friend in need, he is rewarded with an exciting trip to the Mainland. Along the way, he gets lost at sea and finds himself on the mysterious Misty Island, where he meets new friends Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand. Together they try to help Thomas find his way home. Will Sir Topham Hatt's search party ever find Thomas? Find out in in this action-packed movie adventure the whole family will enjoy!!

Black Island 1996

The story of friendship between two little girls of different races, one white, Susana, and one black, Rita, in Equatorial Guinea, including years 1950 and 1961. Susana's gonna be with her friend discover the fascinating world of Africa, while reaching for his wife and lives the love of one man, Diego.

Dead Man's Island 1996

Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins, called Henrie O., is a world-famous journalist and writer. She's invited by her old lover Chase Prescott to his secluded island home. Chase, a wealthy businessman with money woes, hopes Henrie O. can discover the person he thinks is trying to kill him. It seems like she has her work cut out for her. Possible suspects include Chase's much younger wife, his son, and many others.

Lonely Island 2012

Five stories and many more lives that are affected, they flow by each other and sometimes intersect. In one way or other we talk about emotional scars that each of us carries around. Events take place in a space of a few days as our heroes try to cope with their past and move on with their lives.

Island of Swans 1983

Fourteen-year-old Stefan Kolbe, along with his mother and sister, moves from an idyllic small town to the developing area of Berlin-Marzahn, where his father works as a construction worker. Stefan must find his way in a completely new environment and surrounded by strange people. Stefan gets to know two girls, who attempt to seduce him, and gets himself into trouble with the landlord, who kisses up to societal authority figures. He becomes friends with the anxious Hubert, defends him against the constant humiliation of the older student Windjacke, and encourages him to stand up for himself. It ends tragically in a bitter fight between Stefan and Windjacke.

Island Times 2007

Fifteen-year-old Masaharu (Yanagisawa Daisuke) lives on the small island of Aogashima, which has a population of 197. On the island, life is simple and facilities are spare. As there are no high schools on the island, Masaharu, in his final year of junior high, will be leaving for Tokyo after he graduates. He is the editor of Blue Island Times, the local newspaper he started with a friend, who has hit on hard times in Tokyo. One day, Yuki (Naka Riisa) transfers from the city to his island school, and Masaharu is immediately smitten. As the two grow closer, Masaharu discovers his new friend's secret...

Raptor Island 2004

A team of terrorist-fighting Naval officers in the South China Sea finds their struggle against the enemy taking a backseat to the fight of their lives when an horde of creatures thought to be extinct for millions of years descend upon them in an action-packed tale of man-versus-monster starring Steven Bauer and Lorenzo Lamas.

Heartbreak Island 1995

In Taiwan, a young woman, Lin-Lang, is released from prison after serving ten years for terrorist activity. She had turned to bomb making in grief after her mentor and lover, An Rong, who was also her university professor, was arrested for political activity and, she presumed, executed. In prison, she learns Rong is alive, and she maintains her spirits and sanity for the years in her cell by holding imaginary conversations with him. When she is released, she discovers he is married, has a child, and lives conventionally. She finds him; he's not happy to see her. How she reacts to losing the center of her life becomes the subject of the film.

Treasure Island 1937

An adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" with drastic changes to the plot. A group of English rebels searches for pirate's treasures to buy weapons for the civil war.

The Island 1985

John Shum leads an expedition to an supposedly deserted island only to find out that it's inhabited by a group of seriously demented characters,lead by Peter Chan Lung.This is a family that stays together,slays together and when the youngest one is refused in marriage to one of the young girls of the troupe they turn into savage maniacs.

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2007

Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands is a UK reality television series on Channel 4. The fifth series of Shipwrecked was aired in 2007 and used the "Battle of the Islands" format, which was first seen in the previous year.

Strisser på Samsø 1997

Strisser på Samsø is a Danish television series in 12 episodes, written and directed by Eddie Thomas Petersen. Produced by Per Holst Filmproduktion, it was first broadcast on TV2 in 1997-1998. The story tells how Christian Torp, a police officer who has lost his wife in an unsuccessful robbery, brings his daughter Sille to the Danish island of Samsø looking for peace and quiet. They have difficulty in integrating into a society full of problems where everyone knows everything about everybody, but they find a friend in Ulla, a secretary. Among others, it stars Lars Bom, Amalie Dollerup and Jesper Milsted. The series was entitled "Island Cop" when broadcast in subtitled form on Ireland's TG4 channel.

Warm and Cozy 2015

Romance occurs for young people who leave the city and attempt to settle down on Jeju Island.

La isla 2017

‘La isla’ shows a group of men recording their own experience of survival in the Pacific Ocean: 14 ordinary men have to survive in a remote and wild island without more resources than their own skills for a month. Without food, water, tools or a place to shelter, they have to fight for their existence. They are alone on the island, so each moment is recorded and narrated by themselves. ‘La isla' is not a contest, it’s a vital experience whose prize is to survive.

Planet Earth II 2016

David Attenborough presents a documentary series exploring how animals meet the challenges of surviving in the most iconic habitats on earth.

Scared! 2002

Scared!, formerly titled as Scared on Staten Island!, is an American paranormal public-access television cable TV series that premiered on September 12, 2002 on Staten Island Community Television. Produced by Core Films and Thousand Hats Productions, the program follows and stars a Staten Island-based team of urban explorers who venture into abandoned and condemned buildings in search of paranormal activity. In each episode, three main members, who are collectively known as "The SCARED! Crew" and vary throughout the series, represent three points of view or beliefs: the psychic, scientist, and skeptic.

Harbormaster 1957

Harbormaster is an American adventure/drama series that premiered on September 26, 1957 on CBS. In January 1958, the series was renamed Adventure at Scott Island and began airing on ABC. Harbormaster was a Ziv production.

Planet Raptor

Planet Raptor is a 2007 science-fiction made-for-television film directed by Gary Jones. It is a sequel to the 2004 made-for-tv film, Raptor Island. Steven Bauer returned in this sequel playing a different role. It was entirely filmed in Romania. The movie premiered in the United States on 25 January 2009 but was previously released on DVD in Brazil and Japan.

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