30 Minutes to Fitness Athletic Conditioning Volume 1

Every athlete should show up to their first day of practice ready to go. Coaches shouldn't have to spend their first few weeks getting their athletes in shape; that's your job and that's where this DVD comes in! You have the choice of two different 30 minute workouts. Both are geared toward getting you stronger and faster. Workout one is a cardio workout that's tough but very doable. Once you press play, don't give up. Pay attention to Kelly's form tips and try to keep your energy at the same level as the other athletes on the workout. This workout is only 30 minutes so do your best...not more, not less! Workout two is a 30 minute athletic stretch session that is crucial to your speed and to ward off sports related injuries.

30 Minutes to Fitness Cardio Blast

30 Minutes to Fitness Cardio Blast with Kelly Coffey-Meyer has two totally different styles of cardio on one DVD. Workout One is a step workout that can also be done without the step. It is comprised of athletic and strength moves with an upbeat and energetic feel. This calorie-burner also strengthens and tones your entire body. Workout Two is all about plyometrics. This intense training technique will burn fat, increase strength, improve cardiovascular output, boost your metabolism, and re-shape your legs, glutes and hips. Because of its hi-impact nature, low-impact options are also shown throughout for those who cannot perform the hi-impact moves. Cardio Blast stays true to the 30 Minutes to Fitness format and offers two premix options that are the ultimate test of fitness. Come on...dare yourself! Equipment Needed: Step (Optional)

30 Minutes to Fitness Circuit Burn

Kelly Coffey-Meyer's fitness DVD series 30 Minutes to Fitness gets a new entry with "Circuit Burn", a program that includes two 30-minute workouts and numerous premixes. Each calorie-torching workout is made up of short segments of cardio, light-weight sculpting, shadow boxing and lower body exercises. "Circuit Burn" is designed to burn calories, sculpt lean muscle mass and re-shape your entire body! Research and test group results have proven that "Circuit Burn" is a truly thorough and effective workout and this DVD is a must for anyone who wants to live a fitter, healthier lifestyle. In her "30 Minutes to Fitness" DVDs, Kelly Coffey-Meyer delivers the fun you want, the motivation you need and the results you expect! Equipment needed: dumbbells.

30 Minutes to Fitness Lean Body Circuits

Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30 Minutes to Fitness Lean Body Circuits has two 30 minute workouts that blast fat, improve muscle shape and definition and elevate overall fitness gains. Both workouts are made up of athletic drills, upbeat boxing combinations, lower body weight exercises and upper body strength training. These challenging and effective drills are performed back to back to give you a leaner, fitter, stronger body-quicker! Also includes premixes for you to customize to your own ability. Equipment Needed: Dumbbells.

30 Minutes to Fitness: Muscle Up Lift 2B Fit with Kelly Coffey-Meyer

Muscle is crucial to sustain a strong, healthy and fit lifestyle! 30 Minutes to Fitness Muscle Up: Lift 2B Fit with Kelly Coffey-Meyer has two 30 minute workouts that will help you stop losing muscle and start rebuilding a strong foundation. These workouts are designed to reshape your physique and revitalize your lifestyle in less time! All of the exercises used are traditional lifts taken right off the gym floor and formatted for you. The key to your success in Muscle Up is straight-forward and simple for everyone: use heavier weights than usual. Workout One is Back/Chest and Shoulders and Workout Two is Legs/Glutes and Arms. Numerous premixes, including a full body workout, are included in the Muscle Up: Lift 2B Fit DVD as well as an additional Abs Bonus.

Dilbert 3

A short animated film about Dilbert.

October 30th

Three friends escape into the wilderness after hearing only a portion of the Orson Welles radio play: The War of the Worlds. They seek refuge in an old hunting camp to ride out the fictional attack, and soon learn that they are being stalked by something very real.

1-2-3-4 1974

This work shows paradoxical space relations in electonic depths, where the common space coordinates no longer apply and where the images become objects in space. The numerals on the cakes were captured by four cameras and then processed with the Multikeyer.

Article no.306 1975

This fragment is of unknown origin but may have come from BLACK MESSIAH, a U.S./Italian co-production that J.X. Williams directed in 1975. In this sequence, religious and lepidopterological imagery is blended to disquieting effect.

Raj Mahal 3

A rich man decides to do away with the middle-class guy whom his daughter

Dead of Nowhere 3D

A man finds himself trapped in a strange lawless town where he must fight various 'abominations' in order to escape and save his wife.

Pride Bushido 3

Pride FC: Bushido 3 was an event held on May 23, 2004 at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan.