Gustaf Wasa, Part One 1928

The story takes its beginning in 1518 , the Danish King Christian II has taken Sweden. Sten Sture the younger appeal to all loyal subjects to resist. The offer reaches the farmer Mats Waltersson in Dalarna , Sweden's heart and he gathers his men. Dalmas were going from house to house, they do not want a Dane on the throne. At Brännkyrka outside Stockholm is a battle between the Danes and Swedes. Swedes win and the Swedish riksbaneret out during the Battle of Gustav Eriksson Vasa.

The Abandoned One 2006

Jose, a devout Catholic, loses his faith when his family is tragically taken from him.

No One Comes Back 1945

A host of college girls take different life paths in the Italy of the 1930s.

The Divine One 1976

Mr. Mavadat in a party in his garden gets poisonous and his friends have to take him to doctor Hatam. But the doctor hides many dark secrets in his basement which are revealed little by little.

Mysterious Murder, Part One 1951

Fong Yim-fun puts on a tour de force as an ill-fated woman, separated from her lover through an arranged marriage to the terminally ill and impotent son of a warlord. The power struggle within the family led to an inevitable murderous consequence. Seven years later, the heroine's ex-lover, now an ambitious detective, is keen to solve this almost forgotten case, only to discover that he is also part of the enigma.

One Way Out 1931

A man in the mythical Elyria tries to kill himself but a cop stops him from doing so. In Elyria, one needs a permit to commit suicide so off the man goes to the Department of Suicides for a suicide permit, which he is granted.

One More Brother 1962

From 1957 to 1961 170.000 Algerians flee to Tunisia because of the war. Most of them walk by feet across the mountains and the desert, carrying only a few of their belongings in their hands or on donkeys. As there is no clay in the desert they cannot build ordinary houses. They have to live in pits in the ground, covered with canvas, but some are offered to stay in American army tents.

One Sin A Month 1949

Paloma and Marcelo are in love, but only dare meet once a month- see, she doesn't know that he is only pretending to be the son of rich ranchers, and he doesn't know that she is only pretending to be the daughter of the great business tycoon B. Quintana... she is in reality just an employee! But when a desperate Marcelo must take a job at Quintana's company, both their lies begin to unravel.

One Sunday in Canada 1961

One Sunday in Canada visits an Italian community in the northwest sector of Montreal, where about half of the city’s 150,000 Italians live.

That One Not Enough 1999

Filled with endless laughs, this delightfully outlandish comedy is a hysterical smash hit. Hao Ren (Jack Neo) a devoted husband frustrated by an ambitious career-minded wife (Hong Hui Fang) is driven to despair. His married cousin Zhu Guo Rong (Mark Lee) is an extra-marital activity expect in karaoke relations. Ah Kun (Henry Thia) a provision shop assistant who is single, has problems getting it up. The wacky comedy trio (from Money No Enough, Liang Po Po The Movie) have pushed the envelope again, creating another outrageous movie experience guaranteed to make you laugh and keep you coming back for more.

The Suspected One 1956

Man escapes from an Italian camp and returns to his island in occupied Dalmatia only to find himself victim of a plot denouncing him as an enemy agent.

Certainly One Day 1975

Based on Yılmaz Güney's script and filmed in semi-documentary style, the movie provides a fresh perspective on the history of labor issues in 1970s.

Spadijer: One Life 1986

A reporter who's about to lose his job, and who's daughter is very ill, starts a relationship with a married woman. Tragedy ensues.

One More Step 1988

Horror anthology with three stories all taking place in the same apartment building. The first involves a pair of newlyweds who attempt to hide the corpse of a plumber after accidentally killing him. The second tale features two guys throwing a party who meet two beautiful women who aren't what they seem. Finally, an actor has a desire to drink human blood.

The Little One 1991

In the suburban environment of 1960s Belgrade, thieves and vagabonds were first who escaped from poverty, while simple individuals who believed in ideals, paid a costly price for their misconceptions. Life is very difficult to a family of a pilot who spent 14 years in prison on the basis of false testimony. Her husband's prosecution is his wife's fate, while his daughter doesn't even know that her father is alive. After many migrations and wanderings, the mother meets a soft-spoken yet unscrupulous man who'll promise her marriage, and rape her daughter. The mother eventually ends up at asylum, and the father returns from prison at the right time to help their daughter in life which crucial lessons she already mastered.

One Way Ticket 1988

Johannes, an ex-con now working as a antiques dealer, is faced with a huge debt. He is put under pressure to pay and agrees to steal the Russian crown jewels on exhibition onboard a cruise ship.