Otis Lee Crenshaw & The Black Liars: London, Not Tennessee 2001

This Perrier Award winning show was recorded over two nights at London's Comedy Store in front of an almost riotous audience. Live on stage Redneck comedian and ex con Otis Lee Crenshaw performs his whisky laced songs, with thoughts on Women, Trailer Parks and Southern white trash. Otis relives his memories of prison life through sharp one liners and songs, as ever accompanied by his band The Black Liars, with Orson Carson on guitar and Alvy Ronson on double bass.

Doctors, Liars, and Women: AIDS Activists Say No to Cosmo 1988

Outraged by the controversial January, 1988 article in Cosmopolitan magazine, the women in the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, (Act Up, New York), organized the first AIDS demonstration focused on women. Doctors, Liars and Women:AIDS Activists Say No To Cosmo not only documents the efforts of the Women's Committee to organize this protest, it also serves as a how-to-guide for direct action.

Colonel Heeza Liar's Forbidden Fruit 1923

Forbidden Fruit begins with New York in the grip of a banana shortage. Residents sing (or scream) “Yes! We Have No Bananas,” the hit novelty song of 1923 (inspired by real-life banana shortages—the film also references current events by mentioning mobster Louis Cohen, arrested for murder the same year). The scene shifts to animator Walter Lantz strumming the song on his guitar, before a co-worker presents him with a banana that transmogrifies into Colonel Heeza Liar, who tells the tale of how he ended “the great banana famine in 1923.”

Colonel Heeza Liar's Knighthood 1924

Heeza Liar was a club bore who told Munchausen-style stories. In this one he tells of how he was a knight when he was a youngster and defeated a brigand.

The 1950s UFO Contactees: A Bunch of Liars, or an Unrecognized Art Movement? 2007

The Roswell UFO Conference The Disclosure Debate: What Do World Governments Know About UFOs and Will They Ever Tell Us? The 60th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident The 1950s UFO Contactees: A Bunch of Liars, or an Unrecognized Art Movement? Author of the new book Project Beta, Los Angeles Radio Host, Excluded Middle Magazine Editor, Project Censored Award Winner, Conspiracy Zone contributor, Regional Representative for the Centre for Fortean Zoology, Author of Numerous Magazine Articles, Professional Judge Ito Impersonator, and ... Kook. Greg's interests run the gamut of "Alien Writing", Consciousness, ParaPolitics, UFO Contactees, Remote Viewing, Fortean Phenomena, CryptoZoology and much much more.