Avtaar 1983

Avtaar Krishen lives a poor lifestyle with his wife, Radha, and two sons, Ramesh and Chander. He works in a factory and toils hard so that his sons can get the necessary education, and live a better lifestyle. He gets injured and crippled while working, but is compensated adequately by his employer, Bawaji.

Ram Avtar 1988

Ram and Avtar are both childhood best friends. The difference between the two friends is that Ram would willingly make priceless sacrifice for his friend; the time when both are separated is when Ram goes abroad to further his studies. In the mean while Avtar takes up employment in an organization run by Sangeeta. Avtar is romantically attracted to Sangeeta but Sangeeta falls in love with Ram; when Ram gets to know that Avtar is in love with Sangeeta he decides to sacrifice his love for his friend sake by getting Avtar married to Sangeeta. But one of Sangeeta's enemies Gundappaswami is willing to expose Ram and Sangeeta's relationship to Avtar.

Poyezdki na Starom Avtomobile 1985

Что предпринять, если ты лишилась возможности видеть своего единственного внука? Молодая обаятельная бабушка, надеясь повлиять на бывшую невестку, знакомится с ее новым свекром… Так начинается удивительная история любви.

Beware of the Car! 1966

An insurance agent who moonlights as a carthief steals cars various crooks and never from the common people. He sells the stolen cars and gives the money to charity. His best friend, a cop, is assigned to bring in this modern robin hood.

Our Car 1962

A photographer decides to buy a car with the money he'll get for his prizewinning photo, but the postman brings only a diploma instead of money. Being subjected to the ridicule of their neighbors, his family decides to buy an used Buick, in spite of being against it at first. That would turn out to be a huge mistake, since the breakdowns are more often that they can afford.

Car, Violin and Blot the Dog 1974

A fantasy story about five-grades - musician and engineer, their friend - the most beautiful girl in the world, her brother who dreams to turn all cats into monkeys, his dog Klyaksa and a lot more stuff…

Brodyachiy Avtobus 1989

Разъезжает от села к селу разбитый старенький автобус с маленькой труппой, чтобы дать в день два-три спектакля перед немногочисленной аудиторией. В труппе - люди, каждый из них по-своему влюбленный в театр...

Hitch-Hiking 1991

Incredible adventures of an Italian test auto-racer in the exotic and so unpredictable Russia! Originally, this film was made as a commercial for the Fiat Automobile Company, but the abundance of the shot material proved enough for editing a full-length feature.

Dude, Where's My Car? 2000

Jesse and Chester, two bumbling stoners, wake up one morning from a night of partying and cannot remember where they parked their car. They encounter a variety of people while looking for it, including their angry girlfriends, an angry street gang, a transexual stripper, a cult of alien seeking fanatics, and aliens in human form looking for a mystical device that could save or destroy the world.

Driving School 2014

The newest tycoon Robert wants to gets his hands on the land where the driving school stands and build a modern shopping center in it's place instead. It is during this acquisition that lands him in an altercation with Instructor Jože, whose wife left him and Roberts daughter Lija. Lija is determined to go to driving school in spite of his father's prohibition. Besides the tense that portray the ruthlessness of our world, the story offers a range of warm and interesting human relationships seen as part of our everyday lives.

An Old Car 1992

The film-parable about how hurting our neighbors we often don’t think about that pain which we made them

A Bus Driver 1983

Not young bus driver goes to the next trip. In this trip he recalls his childhood during WW2. But there is another danger people among passengers of the bus.

Veseli avtobuski 2 2003

Veseli avtobuski so dobri prijatelji v Zornikovi garaži. Edi, glavni junak je zvedav in živahen šolski avtobusek. Nenavadne dogodivščine ga spremljajo iz epizode v epizodo. Njegovi dobri prijatelji, ostali avtobuski z njim raziskujejo in rešujejo zapletene situacije ter se predvsem zabavajo.

Veseli avtobuski 1 2003

Veseli avtobuski so dobri prijatelji v Zornikovi garaži. Edi, glavni junak je zvedav in živahen šolski avtobusek. Nenavadne dogodivščine ga spremljajo iz epizode v epizodo. Njegovi dobri prijatelji, ostali avtobuski z njim raziskujejo in rešujejo zapletene situacije ter se predvsem zabavajo.

Car Washers 2001

Kyiv in the nineties, tainted by a serious economic collapse and rising crime. A group of kids boost the family budget by washing cars at a gas station whose proprietors make a living in a rather dodgy way.The story is narrated by the 13-year-old protagonist who eventually discovers how much this society has affected him

The Automobile Gains in Reliability 1974

This film was created by Sokurov before or during his VGIK student years for the regional TV of Gorki. He does not consider it a part of his filmography. For its creators, it was just a TV program, and the people who worked on it most often were being given no distinction in the credits. This document of the very origins of Sokurov gives us a notion of his "pre-stylistic" period, where the personality of the future great filmmaker reveals itself in spite of means and circumstances.

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