Women from the Lake of Scented Souls 1993

If money can't buy happiness, can it at least buy control over others? Xiang is hard-working, running a small sesame oil business. Her husband is lazy and drinks; her son is blood simple. When Japanese investors provide capital to expand Xiang's business, she has the wealth to raise her social standing and buy a wife for her son, Dunzi. When money and a forceful personality fail to bend others to her will, including daughter-in-law Huanhuan, Xiang must find another way to tranquillity.

I mariti 1941

Venice Film Festival 1941

Animecha kejtsïtacua 1998

Documentary about the ritual of the wake of souls, the nights of 1 and 2 November, in Urich, Puácuaro, Tziróndaro, Santa Fe de la Laguna, Ihuatzio Janitzio, localities on the banks of Lake Patzcuaro, whose authors examine the roots cultural and religious festival behind the Day of the Dead.

The Drawing Lesson 1903

In a corner of the garden we see an ornamental fountain. An old professor comes along, looking for a nice spot where he can teach his pupils. Finding the fountain to his liking he goes after his scholars. A mysterious person who has noticed the old man, by means of a balloon, a handkerchief and a coat, constructs a peculiar figure, doing a lot of tricks at the same time.

AniMen - Triton Force 2010

Over time, the people residing on Swampland began to take on new forms, their modified DNA altering their physiology to better suit their new environment. Generations passed and their original forms were forgotten; these humans had evolved into a new race: the Frogmen.If history (and genetics for that matter) shows us anything, it is that there is always variety.The genetic "success" of the Frogmen was also mirrored by the "achievements" of another group of human descent: the Cockroaches, otherwise known as the T-zhu Alliance. The brutal T-Hy poured out into the galaxy seeking new territories, resources, and the data crystals left by the original human explorers. The T-Hy's material driven hunger broke the peaceful lives of the Frogmen forcing them to take up arms in order to stop the T-Hy's insatiable ambitions. So began the MALO war.

Living Flowers 1906

Gaston Velle's 'Les Fleurs Animées' was screened by the Australian-based Corrick Family Entertainers as part of their variety act. In their advertising the Corricks described the detailed, hand-coloured production as 'The finest "Color" Film of the Twentieth Century'. Simple camera tricks create a magic fairy story in this tale of angry flowers exacting revenge on a man who has wantonly destroyed their garden.

Animelo Summer Live 2010

Features footage of 2010 animelo concert held on August 28, 2010 at Saitama Super Arena with 50 000 people! This concert runs for two days and features 53 artists total. Animelo performers are singers and voice actors that specialize in singing anime or game theme songs. The performers are not necessarily under the same record label. Animelo's performers are often called Anisama Friends, and are represented by famous anisong singer and Animelo producer Masami Okui. The highlights of Animelo concerts are the collaboration between the performers. Animelo has a different theme song for each year, which is sung by all performers in the end of the concert.

Animelo Summer Live 2011

Animelo Summer Live 2011 -rainbow- took place at Saitama Arena over two days on August 27 and August. 28. This DVD features live footage from August 28, packed with great performances by popular seiyuus (voice artists) including Nana Mizuki, Yui Horie, Minami Kuribayashi, ALTIMA, Chiaki Ishikawa, Kanako Itou, Erio wo Kamatte-chan, Maon Kurosaki, GRANRODEO, Yui Sakakibara, Mamoru Miyano, Milky-Holmes, and RO-KYU-BU! And more! Rare behind the scenes, as well as making-of footage are also included. *Please note that not all artists who performed live and not all songs that were performed are included

Animation Maestro GISABURO 2012

A master of Japanese animation, Gisaburo Sugii talks candidly about his career and creative process in this rare and exciting piece of film.

Treasure of the Hidden Planet 1997

Mungo Baobab and his droids, Threepio and Artoo, are trailing the Rainbow comets of Manda in search of the fabled Roon system. Before they get there, they make an enemy out of the greedy Governor Koong. On Roon, they meet Auren Yomm and join her Umbo racing team in the Roon Games. Mungo takes up his old uncle Ogger's quest of finding the source of the valuable Roonstones. Meanwhile, Koong uses germ warfare against the rebellious province of Umboo and it becomes a race against time to find a cure for the Rooze infection. Written by Il Tesoro

Animation Store Manager 2002

This is the Animation Store Manager!! Anime Tenchou is a CM character for Animate, one of Japan's biggest retailer of anime, games, and manga. The character series was created by Shimamoto Kazuhiko for publicity purposes. Later adapted into a manga, a weekly radio drama and this OVA animated by GAINAX and directed by Anno Hideaki. Anizawa Meito is the blazing store manager. He is a fireball who loves animation merchandise at heart. He takes over the dying wish of the former store manager, though still alive, who was attacked by the rival store and becomes a “store manager” of newly opened animation goods specialty store, Animate. The scarlet, “store manager visor” is his trademark.