Secrets of My Stepdaughter 2017

A mother protects her stepdaughter after the teenager witnesses the murder of her best friend, but is soon forced to come to grips with the terrifying possibility that her stepdaughter may be the real killer.

Secrets 1943

A penniless private tutor is hired by a wealthy family in Provence. The brat is a reluctant pupil, but Michel, without any magic power, turns out to be a wonderful teacher and he wins them all over,not only the student but everyone, from the grumpy dowager to the clueless gorgeous blonde girl. But the best is yet to come:the boy's mother -a married woman- falls in love with the newcomer. And she becomes jealous of her young blonde goddaughter who has a romance with Michel

Secrets 2009

short 2009 UK film about child abuse

Secrets 2007

One night, five teens and a deck of cards. Deception. Revenge. Sex. ...and it's all about to explode.

The Time of Secrets 2007

The story takes us from the dear Garrigue to the secondary school where Marcel is first ill at ease because he is a scholarship holder and because he went to the grade school (the other bourgeois pupils had probably a private tutor). A fight against a rich kid ,that augurs badly for what is to follow. (to be followed in "Le Temps des Amours" )

The Secrets of Scientology 2010

The Secrets of Scientology is a documentary which was broadcast on 28 September 2010 as part of the BBC's Panorama documentary strand. Presented by John Sweeney it is a follow up of his 2007 investigation into the Church of Scientology and features interviews with former high-ranking members of the organisation

Secrets of the Clown 2007

After the brutal murder of his best friend Jim, Bobbie is haunted by a presence. His girlfriend Val is distant and appears to have secrets of her own. Then the nightmares begin. Through the nightmares Bobbie uncovers clues regarding the murderer's identity. With the killer still on the loose, bodies piling up, and time running out, Bobbie hires a psychic to contact his deceased friend Jim. But some secrets were never meant to be revealed. The dreams will guide him, the secrets will blind him, the murders haunt him. Only together will they unlock the "Secrets of the Clown.

Erotic Secrets 2007

When an elevator jams and strands five lovely ladies on their way to an exclusive Hollywood party, the glamorous gals wile away the hours exchanging steamy stories about their most memorable and erotic sexual escapades. As the saucy tales get hotter and hotter, so does the atmosphere inside that elevator.

Three Secrets 1950

A five-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash in the mountains of California. When the newspapers reveal the boy was adopted and that the crash occurred on his birthday, three women begin to ponder if it's the son each gave up for adoption. As the three await news of his rescue at a mountain cabin, they recall incidents from five years earlier and why they were forced to give up their son.

Secrets of a Chambermaid 1998

In this erotically-charged drama, a group of people are gathered at a secluded mansion to hear the reading of a rich man's will. The assembled guests are to stay the night and learn of their inheritance the next day, but as the night wears on, many of the guests find it impossible to curb their sexual appetites. What they don't know is that their bedroom activities are being observed, and that there's more to this gathering than they've been led to believe

Alice Adams 1935

In the lower-middle-class Adams family, father and son are happy to work in a drugstore, but mother and daughter Alice try every possible social-climbing stratagem despite snubs and embarrassment. When Alice finally meets her dream man Arthur, mother nags father into a risky business venture and plans to impress Alice's beau with an "upscale" family dinner. Will the excruciating results drive Arthur away?

Secrets of the Heart 1997

Javi and his friend Carlos visit an old house on the outskirts of a small Spanish village. According to his brother Juan this is a haunted house and one can hear the voices of the dead. Later he is intrigued with a room which is always closed (the room where his father was found dead). He is so interested in these mysteries that he starts to investigate all the secrets of these dead people and their stories.

Secrets Of Bones 2014

Primatologist Ben Garrod shows us how a single, universal body plan - the skeleton - shaped the animal kingdom.

Family Secrets 1993

Family Secrets was a daytime game show, running on NBC from March 22 to June 11, 1993. Bob Eubanks hosted, and Orlando-area disc jockey Dean Miuccio announced. The show was taped at the Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida in front of a live studio audience consisting of theme park guests.

Ancient Secrets

Ancient Secrets is a series on the National Geographic Channel. As the show unfolds, it attempts to investigate the world’s most enduring – and infamous – structures, legends, and icons.

Sexual Secrets 2002

Sexual Secrets is a documentary television series which explores various concepts of human sexuality shown on Slice in Canada.

Suburban Secrets

Suburban Secrets is a 2007 American non-fiction television series created by truTV. It is produced by Sirens Media. The show is described as being a cross between City Confidential and Desperate Housewives. Some cities that the show has documented: ⁕Pleasant Garden, North Carolina ⁕Grapevine, Texas ⁕Aliquippa, Pennsylvania ⁕Little Compton, Rhode Island ⁕Marion, Virginia ⁕Red Bluff, California ⁕Bridgton, Maine ⁕Olathe, Kansas Notable cases documented: ⁕Sarah Marie Johnson ⁕Christopher McCowen ⁕Hope Schreiner ⁕Rachelle Waterman ⁕Diane King ⁕Mark Mangelsdorf and Melinda Harmon Raisch

Family Secrets

Family Secrets is a television documentary series which premiered in February 2003, created and produced by Maureen Judge. The 30 minute episodes featured raw, compelling and honest accounts of the impact of secrets on families and their lives. The show used a mix of fly-on-the-wall style observational scenes, informal interviews, home movies, and other material. Each episode features a different family, taking viewers on an intensely personal, humorously nervous and emotionally moving journey into the private world of family relationships.

Jardins secrets

It's about four friends in Gooi, a Dutch region where rich people live. One of those four friends, Cheryl, married Dutch singer Martin Morero. She moved from Amsterdam to Gooi. Anouk is an ... (from IMDB)

The Secrets 2014

Series of stand-alone dramas. Each story explores the links, pressures and expectations that draw people together and tear them apart.

Secrets & Mysteries

Secrets & Mysteries was a television series which originally aired in syndication from 1988 to 1989. It was hosted by Edward Mulhare and dealt with topics of a paranormal nature, as well as mysterious historical events. It was similar to the 1970s/1980s series In Search of.... "Secrets of the Unknown invites you into the world of the bizarre, strange, and unusual. From ninjas who are said to transform into panthers, to the peculiar myths and rituals surrounding King Tut's tomb, to Hitler's occult connections, these documentaries provide a rich visual showcase for unexplained phenomena." The series consisted of 26 episodes, written by Erik Nelson and produced by Craig Haffner. It was released on home video in the late 1980s to the early 2000s under the title Secrets of the Unknown.

Secrets and Words

Secrets and Words is a British drama television series shown on BBC One. Each episode is a story on the theme of adult literacy.

Secrets and Wives 2015

Everyone has secrets-except this tight-knit, ultra-wealthy group of friends and rivals who know everything about each other. But that's just the beginning of the drama for this tangled group as they negotiate life-altering transitions from marriage failures to launching rival businesses to the ongoing hunt for love all under the judgmental eye of lifelong friends who should have their backs.

Sins and Secrets

Sins and Secrets is an American documentary television series on Investigation Discovery that debuted February 17, 2011. Each program profiles a notorious crime by detailing the city or community where the crime took place, often focusing on details from the personal lives of individual investigators. The show has been compared to the A&E series City Confidential.

The Secrets of Isis 1975

The Secrets of Isis is the syndicated title of a live action CBS television series produced by Filmation in the 1970s originally titled Isis that appeared during the Saturday morning cartoon lineup. The show was also aired in various countries around the world. As indicated on commentary in the 2007 DVD release of the series, and supported by examining broadcast premiere dates, The Secrets of Isis was the first weekly American live-action television series whose lead character was a female superhero, debuting September 6, 1975 and predating the weekly debuts of both The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman.

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