Chalo 2018

Hari loves getting into fights just for the sake of it and his father is tired of dealing with the consequences. But what happens when Hari is thrown into a situation that even his aggressive self doesn't want to deal with?

Chalo Dilli 2011

Lara Dutta accompanied by Vinay Pathak rediscover the colors of India in their journey to Delhi.

Chalo Paltai 2011

Subhamoy is a widower and he has two children Munni and Gaurav who is an extremely talented cricketer, but extremely dull when it comes to studies. He is father's ultimate dream is to see his son grow up and be something good, not a cricketer. When Gaurav fails in school and his principal refuses to allow him to sit for Madhyamik, his father asks the principal to give him 5 days within which Gaurav would produce the desired results. When things remain the same and there is a heated argument one day, Subhamoy strikes Gaurav and his head hits the bed and he starts bleeding and falls unconscious. He is taken to the hospital where he falls in to a coma. He remains like that for a few months before he is taken back to his house on the doctor's advice.

Chand Ke Paar Chalo 2006

The main protagonist is Chander, a tourist photographer in the Indian city of Nainital who lives with his parents (played by Alok Nath and Kanu Gill) and best friend Johnny (played by Sanjay Narvekar). While on his way to work, he meets a stage dancer (a banjaran) named Nirmala [played by Preeti Jhangiani] and is seduced by her beauty. He takes photographs of her and later befriends her, serenading her with sweet nothings about "taking her across the moon and stars" and promises to take her to the city of dreams, Mumbai. She agrees to be with him, despite objections from her guardians, her uncle (played by (Tej Sapru) and aunt (played by Himani Shivpuri) who had other plans for her. From there her career as a star begins under a new name, Garima.

Chalo Let's Go 2008

This is a story of four friends & school buddies. Out of them, only Ashim is an earning person, he is a doctor. Earlier, they started a Bangla Band, where Hari was the lead singer, but they were heavily thrashed by the public in a stage show in North Bengal. They decided not to sing any more. Then they started a traveling agency. On their first trip, they start the journey with only 9 passengers and a girl who later joins them. The film deals with their journey via Kalimpong. The ten passengers are of ten different types and also the four tour operators are of four different natures. As the journey progresses, their characters were revealed one by one.

Chalo Ishq Ladaaye 2002

Popular but lonely Bollywood actress, Rani, lives a fairly isolated life, through publicly she is thronged by fans, and has taken to drinking alcohol in a big way. Thus intoxicated she runs her vehicle into a young man named Pappu, who suffers minor injuries. He recognizes her, and tells her that he is her number one fan, and will do anything for her. She wants him to kill her double-timing boyfriend, Rahul. He agrees to do so, provided she kills his overbearing, aged grandmother, to which she agrees. After Pappu completes his gruesome task, he meets with Rani, only to be told that she does not recognize him, but when presented with proof, she relents and agrees to fulfill her part of this trade.

Chalo Jeete Hain 2018

An impressionable boy is struck hard by Swami Vivekananda's quote, "Wahi jeete hain, jo doosro ke liye jeete hain" (translation: "Only those who live for others, actually live"). On the quest for purpose of life, he tries to pursue what he can do for others in his small world.

Chaloo Movie 2011

The police raid a theatre where movie tickets of a very successful film are being sold in black (illegally at a higher price). When Police Inspector Sher Khan interrogates Khoji, a man in his 20s, he claims that he is the director of the very film whose tickets he is selling in black. The cynical Sher Khan puts Khoji behind bars. Now Sher Khan receives two phone calls -- one from the Police Commissioner and another from the dreaded don "WC", both of whom support Khoji's detention. Who is Khoji? Is he really the film's director? Then why is he selling his film's tickets in black? What do the Police Commissioner and don "WC" want from Khoji? All this is revealed through a hilarious turn of events.

Who Will Watch the Watchman? Dalibor, or the Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin 2002

In the fourth and final instalment of Karel Vachek’s not-so-little Little Capitalist Tetralogy, preparations for an opera performance in the Czech capital’s art-nouveau National Theatre become the occasion for a reflection on rebels, dissidents, and others subversives who stand in battle, heroically and sometimes tragically, against majority opinion, established rules, or powerful institutions. "As the camera wanders over, around and through Prague’s lavish National Theatre, director J.A. Pitínský coaches singers through a rehearsal of Bedřich Smetana’s tragic opera Dalibor. Intercut with the tale of the 15th-century knight who, imprisoned, refused to name names, Vachek interviews, on the plush red seats of the empty theatre, a whole series of latter-day rebels.

Bear With Me 2013

This is the story of an Israeli 'bear' society - a group of gay men, who look a little like bears, struggling with weight problems, loneliness and memories of the past. The film focuses on the four main characters - Paz, Daniel, and the Motti and Motti couple - and follows them at the height of their journey for survival, on which they will have to choose between life and death, and between being alone or being in a relationship.

Mary Lou 2009

Acclaimed Israeli director Eytan Fox (The Bubble, Yossi & Jagger) brings to life this modern fable with a catchy musical message. Miriam has a dream: being a famous singer, that’s why she abandoned her son Meir. Meir never stops searching for his mother—eventually moved from his small hometown to Tel Aviv, and becomes THE famous drag queen Mary Lou. As the melody plays on, Meir discovers his needs finding himself within even more than finding his mother.

Mary Lou 2009

Meir and his mother Miriam are living a hum drum life in rural Israel. The opening scene has them dusting in matching head scarfs, our first hint that this young boy might grow up to bat for the other team. My favorite quote from the film is spoken by Miriam as she explains that "it's easier to defeat dust than sadness." Mom mysteriously leaves town during Meir's tenth birthday party. As a slightly built bleached blond teen of flamboyantly non-hetero appearance, Meir suffers through the stereotypical high school taunting. If you have watched enough Glee you already know that the worst tormentors are acting out of fear of their own sexual identity issues. Meir's beautiful gal pal Shuli makes life worth living as his trusted confidant and protector. (Shuli is played by Dana Frider, who was discovered on the Israeli version of "So You Think You Can Dance.")

Christmas Cottage 2008

Inspired by the picturesque paintings of Thomas Kinkade, The Christmas Cottage tells the semi-autobiographical tale of how a young boy is propelled to launch a career as an artist after he learns that his mother is in danger of losing the family home.

Uncle Tom's Cabin 1965

In the pre-Civil War South, a sadistic plantation-owner brutalizes his slaves to the point of them heaving no other choice but to rebel. Always obedient, peaceful and honest old slave Tom plays a central role in this tragedy.

Madness in the Desert 2004

The story of making "Lagaan," one of the millennium's seminal Indian films, is told from the point of view of production team member Satyajit Bhatkal.

Chand Ke Paar Chalo

Chand Ke Paar Chalo is a daily soap starring Yami Gautam that aired on NDTV Imagine every Monday to Thursday at 10.30 pm.

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