Baaghi 2016

Baaghi is the story of Ronny, a rebellious 23-year-old from Delhi. Fearing his unruly and angry temperament his father sends him to a disciplinary academy set in a sleepy town in Kerala. While traveling to the academy he meets Siya who also carries a rebellious streak but nonetheless spark fly between them. After his enrollment, Ronny encounters the star student Raghav and things get awry between them when Raghav falls for Siya as well. Years later Ronny is informed that Siya is abducted and is called upon for help to rescue her from the gritty underbelly of Thailand. Lost in the midst of a new city Ronny comes face to face with his nemesis, Raghav. They both still love Siya unconditionally and are in a battle to win her heart. But there will be only one person who will. Who will it be the rebellious Ronny or the furious Raghav?

Baaghi 2 2018

A battle-hardened army officer goes in search of his ex-lover's child who is mysteriously kidnapped. Neha reaches out to the only person who can help her with her plight, Ronnie. He goes deep into the underbelly of Goa, facing off against drug lords, menacing Russian henchmen, and blood thirsty animals. Daring stunts, chase sequences, air strikes, bomb blasts and other large-scale action sequences will be done with a bona-fide, larger than life approach, truly making it a spectacle.

Baaghi: A Rebel for Love 1990

Saajan is a college youth, enjoying his life, meets with Kajal the girl of his dreams at a brothel. Kajal is an innocent victim of Dhanraj, who runs this brothel. Saajan eventually falls in love with Kajal, but this love affair is not acceptable to the society, which includes his parents Mr. and Mrs. Sood. Saajan's dad Col. Sood wants his son to join the Indian army. On the other side, this relationship of love is also not acceptable to Dhanraj, since he doesn't want any of his brothel girls to go into normal respectable society. Trapped between both, Saajan, along with his friends, rescues his love from the brothel. But the question remains: Will Saajan's parents accept him along with Kajal or Will Dhanraj's evilness overcome the couple's love?

Pokkiri 2007

Tamil is a killer for hire, and will accept any contract provided the amount is right. The Police want him for questioning, while the underworld needs him to silence their opponents. No one really knows this assassin's background. It is only Tamil who knows his real identity and he has no intention of sharing it with anyone.

Baaghi 2017

Baaghi is a story of a small town girl who had big dreams and ambitions. She was held back by her parents from attaining education and later on she was mistreated by her husband. In pursuit of attaining her goals and supporting her family she moved to the city. She faced many hardships and rejections at every step of the road. Whenever she chose a right path she was deviated to a wrong path. Left with no other option she set out to create a name for herself on social media. Misguided by people, she ended up putting controversial videos on social media to gain attention. However the outcome wasn’t pleasant and she received nationwide criticism. Who knew that criticism would result an unjustified death.

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