Sailor Moon - Infinity Academy - Mistress Labyrinth 2002

Infinity Academy - Mistress Labyrinth was the fourth Sailor Moon musical to star Marina Kuroki as Sailor Moon. It was the Summer 2002 musical, and also part of the Sailor Moon 10th Anniversary celebration. The musical was based on the Infinity arc of the manga and the second half of the Sailor Moon S season of the anime, with slight differences, such as the addition of the Hoshino family.

Animelo Summer Live 2012 -INFINITY- 8.25 2013

On Aug. 25-26, 2012, the world’s largest anime song event, “Animelo Summer Live 2012 - INFINITY∞-”, was held at the Saitama Super Arena. The event celebrated its eighth year in 2012 as well as its highest attendance rate to date. In total over both days, more than 54,000 fans attended. The concert was over 10 hours long and included 78 artists with songs spanning 40 series. Each day of the concert comes on two Blu-ray disks or three DVD disks.

Animelo Summer Live 2012 -INFINITY- 8.26 2013

On Aug. 25-26, 2012, the world’s largest anime song event, “Animelo Summer Live 2012 - INFINITY∞-”, was held at the Saitama Super Arena. The event celebrated its eighth year in 2012 as well as its highest attendance rate to date. In total over both days, more than 54,000 fans attended. The concert was over 10 hours long and included 78 artists with songs spanning 40 series. Each day of the concert comes on two Blu-ray disks or three DVD disks.

Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders 2015

Gay marriage is here. Transgender visibility, acceptance and rights are increasing. And the next frontier has arrived: People whose gender is neither male nor female. In increasing numbers, of all ages and ethnicities, people are referring to themselves as agender, gender neutral, gender queer, and more. Facebook's profile list now offers a choice of 52 genders. 'Three to Infinity: Beyond two genders' is an 84-minute documentary that immerses the viewer in a world where gender is a spectrum of possibilities, where stereotypes fall, and where the future is the present.

Amour Infinity: A Brooklyn Love Story 2000

In this affecting urban drama, down-and-out single dad Derek finds himself torn between his son's mother, Tasha, and former high school classmate Amour. Life spins out of control for Derek after he loses his job, but everything changes when he bumps into pretty Amour -- and ends up in love. Will the secret that she's harboring destroy their relationship and send Derek back to Tasha?

Infinity's Child 1999

The Phleig exploration vessel, Infinity's Child, is discovered adrift on the edges of explored space. Its crew of thousands are mysteriously missing. The ship's logs point to an ancient legend of a "gateway world" thought to be an entry point to realities beyond. The Phleig discover the location of this world and launch a massive mission to explore it. What they find when they arrive is nothing like they ever imagined...

Parallel Lines Meet at Infinity 2016

Sasha is stalking a man. They seem to have a common past, which Sasha can't let go. This leads her into dark territory. For he is an uncompromising photographer, who is obsessively trying to get an exhibition in a gallery. His theme is fear - and to capture this in its perfection, he puts women into shock situations in his photo shoots. In the process, reality and production become blurred, and the models pay the price. One day he turns up at Sasha's door - A dark cocktail of passion and obsession, portraying the borderline facets of photography.

Super Hero Squad Show: The Infinity Gauntlet: Vol. 2

Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor and the other animated members of the satire-saturated Super Hero Squad are back fighting crime, turning their attention to thwarting evil Thanos and his quest to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet.

The Outer Limits: The New Series: Time Travel and Infinity

The consequences of time travel are the thematic framework for this compilation of episodes from the revamped Outer Limits anthology series, produced for the Showtime network. The six stories compiled here are indicative of the new version's competent but uneventful nature; scripting, performances, and direction (all hampered by the program's low budget) rarely live up to the plots' potential or the drama and suspense of the original series. Amanda Plummer's Emmy-winning turn as a scientist who travels 50 years into the past to commit a murder in the Season Two episode "A Stitch in Time" is the highlight of the disc; the rest (culled from the series' seven-season run) offer well-worn variations on time travel themes. The full-frame disc includes "The Outer Limits Story," which offers talking-head interviews with executive producers Pen Densham and Mark Stern, as well as featurettes on each episode.

Tadao Ando: From Emptiness to Infinity 2013

From Emptiness to Infinity pays homage to one of the world's most renowned architects, Japanese minimalist master Tadao Ando (born 1941), offering an exclusive glimpse into his work process. Ando is known for his creative implementation of natural light, his deft interweaving of interior and exterior space and for designing structures that elegantly evoke the contours of the landscape in which they are set. Conceptually and aesthetically, his award-winning exposed concrete designs forge a link between traditional Japanese architecture, Zen and contemporary modernism, while also expressing his fundamental belief that "to change the dwelling is to change the city and to reform society." Directed by Mathias Frick and produced by Susann Schimk and Jörg Trentmann, the film introduces viewers to his world-famous buildings and offers an exclusive look into his work process, as Ando shares his sources of personal inspiration and motivation and looks back over his 40-year career.

The Theory of Everything 2014

The Theory of Everything is the extraordinary story of one of the world’s greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde.

Galaxy of Terror 1981

As a lone spaceship proceeds on its long voyage across space, the crew are surprised to encounter a strange pyramid form. Surprise turns to horror as one by one, they discover that their darkest nightmares are all starting to become real. The pyramid has to be behind it all somehow, but how can they save themselves from its influence?

Planet ∞ 2018

In a world in ruins, only fungi and mold grow among gigantic carcasses of dried-out insects. A meteorological change takes place as rain irrigates the barren planet, progressively flooding it. A new ecosystem grows in the water, in which giant carnivorous tadpoles thrive. Plunged into an arid, then aquatic, space, Planet ∞ offers viewers the chance to enjoy an amazing multi-spatial and timeless experience.

Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales Vol. 3 2003

"GHOST HOUSE" Cast: Jinpachi Nezu ("Castle of the Owls", "Red Shadow"), Natsuo Ishido, Masako Izumi Synopsis: A young girl is forbidden by her parents to marry and decides to elope. "WHISPERS" Cast: Ryuji Harada ("Ka-chan", "Firefly"), Eisuke Tsunoda, Kimi Mizuhashi SynopsisTakuya (Ryuji Harada), a broadcast journalist, is asked by a program director to investigate a strange tree that is located in the area where he was brought up. "WORLD OF INIFINITY" Cast: Ikkei Watanabe ("Muscle Heat", "Gamera 3"), Yumi Aso ("Bond", "Last Scene") Synopsis: For 20 years, Takei (Ikkei Watanabe) devoted his life to his company and family. Using his weak heart as an excuse, he avoided involvement in social activities.

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