Design for Living 1933

Free-spirited Gilda falls for two starving American artists in Paris who share a flat. She moves in with them in order to help and choose between them, but without sex. But the agreement is strained when Tom is in London, supervising a play.

Devil Design 1980

After retreating from battle, a band of Mongolian soldiers take refuge in a cemetery where they are slaughtered by reanimated zombies from the netherworld. But the leader is possessed by the Devil and he levels an assault against a nearby Chinese village. Local monks cover themselves with writings from the sacred scriptures in an attempt to stop the marauding warlord and his ddemon army.

Design 7 Love 2014

Seven people with seven love stories. They ignite the love and hate hidden under the table. In this battle of love, who will survive and who will lose? When the boundary between lies and truth has blurred, who can tell if the others are sincere or not? When one says, ' I love you', does one mean it or it's just another 'design'?

Love in Design 2018

In need of a shakeup on her home-makeover TV show, star Hannah is sent to her small New England hometown to renovate the historical Lewisburg Manor. When old flame Jeff is assigned to make sure Hannah's design preserves the historical manor, the two must find harmony between the old and the new.

By Design 1982

Angie and Helen are in love and they live and work together - they design women's clothes and run their own fashion business in Vancouver. Helen wants to be a mother. Angie loves Helen and if Helen can't feel fulfilled without a child she is willing for them to become parents.

Design 1969

This film was made by Bass' company as a presentation to AT&T executives. It would have extended to be shown to the public, but a number of his ideas in the film were not ultimately adopted, like his phone booth designs, and men's and women's uniforms. But a great many of the design were adopted—including, most memorably, the telephone vans and hardhat designs of the 1970s. Bass designed down to the details, showcasing in this film a myriad of ideas, like Yellow Pages book designs, cufflinks for executives, and flags. (AT&T Archives)

Design 2002

The sad and sometimes darkly funny lives of various denizens of Chicago's social and economic underside provide the focus of this adventurous independent comedy-drama.

Design of Death 2012

The violent death of an unpopular village resident is initially blamed on an infectious disease, but an investigation shows that everybody in the village had a reason to murder him.

Design for Scandal 1941

A newsman (Walter Pidgeon) falls in love on Cape Cod with the judge (Rosalind Russell) his angry boss (Edward Arnold) expects him to discredit.

The Grand Design 1969

A lecture by G. Edward Griffin, given in the late '60s, exposes the hidden plan that shapes U.S. foreign policy and that the ultimate objective of that policy is the same then as it is now — disarmament and world government.

Empty By Design

Two people find themselves back in the Philippines after years of being away. Feeling like outsiders in a place that's supposed to be home, this story follows how a lack of connection with your culture and home can truly make one feel isolated and lonely.

Design Canada 2018

Through the lens of graphic design, “Design Canada” follows the transformation of a nation from a colonial outpost to a vibrant and multicultural society. What defines a national identity, is it an anthem? A flag? Is it a logo or icon? How do these elements shape who we are? In the 1960s and 1970s, these questions were answered by an innovative group of Canadian designers, who used design to unify the nation.

Design & Thinking 2012

Inspired by design thinking, this documentary grabs businessmen, designers, social change-makers and unlikely individuals to portray what they have in common when facing this ambiguous 21st century. Rather than a salute to the beauty of design, the film aims to bring forward the ambiguity, conflicts, and the messy process of how not just designers, but also creative people, think and do things.

Forms and Design 1968

A short film that sets up an opposition between functional forms of industrial age and decorative ones from Indian tradition.

Love by Design 2014

After losing her dream job at a fashion magazine -- and her boyfriend, Danielle heads home to Romania. With the help of her colorful family, she rediscovers herself and her love of fashion.

DNA By Design 2010

The foundations of scientific materialism are in the process of crumbling. Philosopher of science Stephen C, Meyer show how the digital code in DNA points powerfully to a designing intelligence behind the origin of life. Unlike previous arguments for intelligent design, DNA By Design presents a radical and comprehensive new case, revealing evidence not merely of individual features of biological complexity but rather of a fundamental constituent of the universe: information. That evidence has been mounting exponentially in recent years, known to scientists in specialized fields but largely hidden from public view. A Cambridge University-trained theorist and researcher, director of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture, Dr. Meyer is the first to bring the relevant data together into a powerful demonstration of the intelligence that stands outside nature and directs the path life has taken.

Chaos By Design 1988

Controversial director Angela Chan explores the "La Cage Aux Folles" demi-monde that thrives in today's Hong Kong, but which has never before been portrayed in a major movie. Alex To plays a handsome fashion designer trapped in a tangle of ambiguous relationships that becomes even more complex when he falls for a beautiful D.J. (Cecilia Yip) who, with the help of her best friend (Cherie Chung), is trying to get out of an arranged marriage. This film looks and sounds like a comedy, but has some serious comments about a veiled segment of Hong Kong.

Design for Murder 1939

When a wealthy, lonely university music student is beaten and has his apartment trashed by a fellow dorm resident-bully and his gang, he goes mad, lures the bully into his room on pretense of forgiveness, slips him a paralyzing agent in a drink, throws him in a trunk and locks him in, and taunts the bully with the promise that he will be buried alive in the trunk. Only, once he gets his trunk and his prey to his country estate, the vengeful victim finds things keep going wrong...

Woman of Design 1962

Story of romance and rivalry between two ad agencies vying for the same account with a pharmaceutical firm.

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