L Is For

A homeless and child-like con-man enters an adult world filled with corrupt morals and jaded individuals when he stumbles into a karaoke while looking for a way to feed his hunger.

Deny Everything

Frank is the type of guy who takes pride in his work, and wants nothing more than a clear mind to focus on his career. This is completely wrecked when his friend Jeff turns up in the early hours of the morning, calling on an old favour they both drunkenly agreed too. He's got a dead body, and wants some help - no questions asked.

Studio legale per una rapina 1973

Maurice Poitier, a disbarred lawyer, is dumped in prison. In prison, he learns of a plan of robbery worth millions from a dying inmate: once released, will begin to put together a group of bandits to pull this off. But not everything goes as hoped.

No One Under 13 Admitted 1982

Louis is a delivery boy, his wife Chantal is a supermarket salesgirl. Louis is bored, and decides to buy a truck and go to the Lebanon, but he has no money. He tries to rob the supermarket where Chantal works, but it goes wrong and he kills the cashier and watchman...

The Small 1983

Markus, 16, goes to the city where his big brother Mischa will show him the ropes. But Mischa has gambled away his money, leading to theft and deeper troubles. Markus must take revenge.

Tragedy, Rock Style 1988

Vitya is a teenage rock-music and motorbike fanatic whose father is arrested for embezzlement. Vitya is devastated, and in this state of shock he falls prey to a supposed mystic called Cassius.