Robin and the Dreamweavers

Robin, the first girl born in Cyberspace, becomes a virtual DJ for Brenda Plump's new virtual reality nightclub. However, she soon gains the attention of the leather-clad dominatrix XXX (pronounced "Triple X"), a cyber being who wants to enter the real world to turn everyone into sex-crazed maniacs. With the help of a band of psychic cartoon characters, Robin learns that her unique birth grants her special powers that help her face off against XXX.

Blues Tropical 1983

First part of the Trilogy of the Island in which Poli Marichal expresses and vents the anger and frustration caused by the colonial situation.


Deals with the modern social problem of solid waste production and management.

Homage to Tarzan 1970

Avant-garde analog animation techniques in stark black and white dramatize the effect of white men’s violence on an African jungle.

20 Days of Love 1991

Unfinished at the time of the artist’s death, this AIDS-era love story is frank and poignant in the simplicity of its notepad animation.