The Album 1983

A young girl is glancing through a family photo album. Childhood memories come to life, still pictures start moving. Souvenirs become a metaphorical imaginary story about past and future.

Hero 1982

A film about the young Scottish community in Glasgow's Drumchapel district reflecting ancient Highland traditional tales of mystery, jealousy and revenge. Set in the medieval age, it is spoken entirely in Gaelic

Daydream Therapy 1977

Daydream Therapy is set to Nina Simone’s haunting rendition of “Pirate Jenny” and concludes with Archie Shepp’s “Things Have Got to Change.” Filmed in Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey by activist-turned-filmmaker Bernard Nicolas as his first project at UCLA, this short film poetically envisions the fantasy life of a hotel worker whose daydreams provide an escape from workplace indignities. —Allyson Nadia Field

Ancestors 1978

Ancestors is a film about spiritual forefathers and mothers in a purely fanciful sense. These are classical figures, anatomical figures, fairy tale figures and romantic figures all thrown in together - all my creative root-sources, in a kind of playful tribute. Like part 2 of Duo Concertantes, it's a moving single picture, now doubled.

The Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets 1990

Inspired by the German folktale, Wilhelm, a file clerk, falls in love with a huntsman's daughter. In order to marry, Wilhelm must prove his worth as a hunter and gain her father's approval. Naive and desperate, he makes a deal with a devil named Pegleg.

Unterwelt - The World Beyond

After a photo shooting for gothic fashion in an old bunker, the entrance key gets lost. The three models and the photo team are desperately seeking for another exit. While seeking, they are getting deeper into a labyrinth until they are covered by insanity and hopelessness. Not all of them manage to find an exit and one of them has to face a horrifying discovery.

Apple 1992

"In the stillness and the dark before time ever began," opens this faux-trailer for the 1992 film APPLE, "there was a different incantation." Maverick filmmaker Damon Packard, self-described herein as "the hideous director of DAWN OF AN EVIL MILLENNIUM," tells the story of Apple, an elfin girl who matures into a sorceress of the dark arts named Orb. Packard evokes a low-budget LEGEND with retro-looking filmmaking techniques and sword-and-sorcery imagery. A twenty-seven minute rough-cut of APPLE exists but the film, made during Packard's time in Hawaii, was never completed.