Paris Follies of 1956 1955

Trouble ensues when a new theatre-restaurant owner discovers the backer to be a harmless and moneyless lunatic.

Shirley Temple Sing & Dance Along 1998

A collection of songs and dance numbers from films performed by Shirley Temple, accompanied by wonderful subtitles - karaoke, so that you can sing along with these children and learn these simple and funny songs from the films "Curly", "Captain January", "Heidi" , "Little Miss Broadway", "dimples", "Bravo, baby!" and many others. This collection of speeches will reveal to you the young talent of Shirley Temple, one of the greatest talents of the 20th century.

Mother's Boy 1929

Young Irish lad Tommy O'Day lives in a poor section of New York's Lower East Side, and is blessed with a beautiful singing voice. After an argument with his father, who accuses him of stealing the family's life savings, Tommy leaves home and gets a job singing in a cabaret. He is successful and soon lands the lead in a Broadway revue. On opening night, just as he is about to go on stage, he receives word that his mother, who he has not seen since he left home, is dying and wants to see him.

Swinging U.K. 1964

Alan Freeman, Brian Matthew and Kent Walton present the 'Top Of The Pops' of 1964 with performances from The Four Pennies, Millie, The Merseybeats and The Migil Five.

Liberace: A Valentine Special 1979

Join Liberace in his hot air balloon as he touches down at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and jumps on stage for a Valentine's Day concert like no other! There's also a tour of the Liberace Museum, his private home and the Queen Mary where Sandy Duncan and Lola Falana join him in song, dance and laughter.

David 1961

During the fertile early years of Drew Associates following the breakthrough of Primary, came this seldom-seen portrait of David Allen, a jazz trumpeter struggling in the Santa Monica drug rehabilitation center Synanon House. Pennebaker’s love of music drew him to David and the film prefigures later portraits such as Dont Look Back. He teamed with Life photographer William Ray and producer Gregory Shuker.

Me and My Girl 1939

Bill Snibson, a chancer from Lambeth Walk in South London, is informed that he has been discovered to be the long-lost heir to a title and castle which he can claim provided he is able to convince his new relations that he has enough aristocratic bearing. Things soon begin to go awry however, particularly when Sally, Bill's girlfriend from Lambeth, turns up.

The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: An Afternoon with Frank Sinatra 1959

At the beginning of the program, Peter Lawford explains that Frank Sinatra's plans to film his TV special outdoors in sunny Palm Springs have foundered because an extended rainstorm has turned their desert location into a morass of mud. The company is forced to move inside a stark studio instead and delivers their songs with a minimum of props but a maximum of verve.

Una Noche Cualquiera 1951

An unsuccessful actor wants to get money from his uncle to mount a play, and seeks a woman and a child to make them look like his wife and son.

Acústico MTV - Gilberto Gil 1994

The special record for the series Acoustic MTV meets classic in the repertoire of Gilberto Gil as "Stage" tern "," Weather King ", among others. Also check the versions of" The New "and" Sampa ". Provenance: National Studio : Warner Music (Video) Original Title: Gilberto Gil - Acoustic Color: Color Release Year: 2001 Cast: GILBERTO GIL Recommendation: Region free DVD: Multi-Region

Herbie Hancock Trio: Hurricane! 1984

Three masters explore their roots and capture the full spectrum of the art of Jazz...a display of lyrical sensuality and sizzling pyrotechnics. Features Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Billy Cobham performing 7 tracks plus 2 bonus concert performances: "Speak Like a Child" and "Little Waltz." Three masters explore their roots and capture the full spectrum of the art of jazz in this display of lyri

Meeting of the Spirits 1979

In 1979 and 1980, three world renowned guitarists, John Mc Laughlin, Paco De Lucia and Larry Coryell, formed a guitar super-trio and toured Europe. This is the recording of their performance live at Royal Albert Hall.


Half-hour stunt video featured as a bonus DVD packaged with the 2003 video game 1080 Avalanche.

Carole King: One To One 1982

'One to One' is a VHS-only companion release to the 1982 album of the same name. The video contains on-camera comments by Carole King as well as live performances from the 'One to One' studio album, and some of her best known songs from previous LP's.