Bicycle Tours in Bali Route Start Kintamani, Finish Ubud

From the warm white sand of Kuta beach which is in the area of ​​tourist attractions in southern Bali, the cold mountain air in the Kintamani region and its natural rural area in the tourist attraction of Ubud. Making the island of Bali a favorite destination for Indonesian tourists. There are many ways that Indonesian tourists do to explore the beauty of the island of Bali, starting from enjoying the activities of Tanjung Benoa watersport on the beach of Tanjung Benoa, looking for Kintamani tour package services and enjoying the panoramic views of the Balinese countryside with the most frequent rice fields, by participating in Bali bicycle tours.

Bicycle Tour in Bali
For those who have a short vacation time in Bali, they will definitely ask! How is the best holiday in Bali so you can enjoy the panoramic views of the mountains and the cool air of Kintamani, while enjoying the view of the terraced rice fields in Ubud. The answer is to take a cycling tour in Bali with the Kintamani and finish routes in Ubud.

Cycling tourism activities in Bali with the start of Kintamani and finish routes in Ubud, initially enjoyed by European tourists especially Denmark and Sweden. But lately Indonesian tourists, have started to like bicycle riding activities in Bali, specifically for the Kintamani and finish routes in Ubud.

Then what about you? Are you interested in participating in cycling activities in Kintamani and finish in Ubud? I’m sure you answered yes! Because you are reading this bicycle tour page in Bali.

Attraction on Cycling Tourism in Bali
Kintamani tourism object is one of the favorite tourist attractions of Indonesian tourists, almost every day the tourist area of ​​Kintamani is crowded with tourist visits. Although the location is quite far from the tourist area of ​​Kuta Bali, it does not discourage Indonesian tourists from vacationing to Kintamani. The attraction of Kintamani tourist attractions lies in the beautiful panorama of Mount Batur and Lake Batur, as well as the cool air.

While the attraction for Ubud attractions lies in the natural panorama of the countryside, with views of rice fields in the roadside area and views of the green hills. If you’ve heard the name of the hill Campuhan Ubud, this is where the finish of bicycle tours in Ubud.

Bukit Campuhan Ubud also has another name that is a trend among young people, the name is Bukit Cinta. If you ask me, why is it called the hill of love? I also don’t know. Maybe because Campuhan Ubud hill, often used as the location of the pre wedding photo session.

For now, in providing cycling tour activities in Bali, we collaborate with two adventure activity operators who are already very well known among tourists, especially those who like rafting water activities in the Telaga Waja river in Karangasem. That is:

Alam Amazing Adventures, provider of Telaga Waja rafting activities.
Bali Sobek, provider of ripping activities for the Ayung river Ubud and Telaga Waja river.
Especially for bicycle tours in Bali with the Kintamani route to Ubud on this page, the operator is Alam Amazing Adventures. Bicycle tourism activities in Bali with the Kintamani to Ubud route provided by Alam Amazing Adventures, are better known as the Nature of cycling tour.

Natural cycling tour package cycling tour, intended for tourists who want to find alternative tourism activities by looking at exotic and natural scenery, such as views of rural areas, views of river valleys, views of the forest and coffee gardens and views of terraced rice fields.

Bicycle tour activities in the Kintamani Ubud route, are not racing activities, but leisure activities are relaxing. So participants will drive the bike slowly and casually.

Advantages & Advantages of Nature Cycling Tour
The natural cycling tour offers the longest track cycling route in Bali.
Face towels are provided for participants.
Using mountain bikes with good quality.
Insurance provided by Nature Amazing Adventures.
Free use of the private pool at Alam De Ubud restaurant.
Cycling Itinerary Tour, Start Kintamani, Finish Ubud
Pick up at the hotel where you are staying.
Drivers will send you to Ubud tourist attractions, precisely the hill area of ​​Ubud Campuhan. To visit Alam De Ubud restaurant to enjoy breakfast.
After breakfast, the driver will send you to the cycling start point location in Kintamani. The start point location is precisely at Puseh Pura, Bayung Gede Village, Kintamani.
At the start point is Pura Puseh, Bayung Gede Village, Kintamani. The cycling tour guide will provide guidance on the bicycle track routes to be passed, as well as cycling safety instructions. Bicycle guides will also help you in using cycling safety equipment such as helmets, knee and elbow protectors.
Bicycle tours begin. Bicycle guides will help show cycling track routes to participants, whether on road or off road tracks.
The duration / travel time of the bicycle track, the route for Puseh Pura, Bayung Gede Village, Kintamani and Finish, is banned it Campuhan Ubud, depending on the speed of the participants riding the bicycle. The average travel time is 2.5 hours – 3 hours.
Finish at Alam De Ubud restaurant, Campuhan Ubud hill location.
Bathe and change clothes.
Lunch with an International buffet menu at Alam De Ubud restaurant.

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